Designing with passion

Product and Passion

What is passion? Passion is about positive emotions, about personal enthusiasm for doing something. For many it is a personal aim in life to find out what their passion is. This is essential to make sense out of their human being. So passion is per se about (personal) experience and making sense.

So what is designing with passion?

If you look into job offers for interaction designers or user experience designers the expectations are to think “as a user”, to do user centered design, to build prototypes and to make it look nice. But if you are passionate about great product and service design, it just not enough to do computer interfaces, decent interactions, beautiful designs or “a better product”.

Passionated user experience design is about building products users never thought they would need and about services users never want to miss again once they used it. If you want to design outstanding and unique, you have to do more than thinking from one click to another. As thinking about your personal sense of life is thinking about the future, passionated design is about innovation, excitement and personal, long term user value.

See your product as a piece of heavy vinyl. Each record serves its individual value to the listener, carefully designed with passion from groove to cover, with effort and to last forever.